Ramblings from another ADD quiltoholic…

I think Valerie from Quilt Mommy will like my title. It’s not often that I post twice in one day. Tonight after supper I decided to organize my stash. I had it organized by color and style before we moved. Once it got put into boxes I mixed it all up again. I still don’t have my white cabinet for storage in my sewing room. I don’t think it is going to make it there. So while going through everything I decided to use it for novelty fabric, future projects, and for projects that have been started but not made into tops yet. And let me tell ya there are a ton of those. I tried to separate my UFO’s by importance of getting them done. So I have 4 or 5 in the sewing room that I want to work on soon. And about a million in the cabinet out in the garage. LOL. It took about 2 hours but I finally got it sorted. I feel much better knowing I can find a certain color or style now if I need to. I am shocked by the amount of novelty fabric I have. I have way more than I ever thought. What am I going to do with it all. I am full of good intentions when it comes to buying fabric. I think hey that is on sale I could make this with it. And then it sits forever. In my life I have had to purge a lot of belongings do to moving around a lot. I have decided I just can’t get rid of fabric. I did see some prints that are supper ugly to me now. Those may end up at a thrift store. I did see some novelty fabric that I will probably use for Fat Quarter Friday.

Plus I have material pulled to make some cloth diapers. Yes cloth diapers. I want to try to save money by using them at home and disposables for venturing out of the house. I found a pattern on the net. I figured out how I want to do my layers. My good friend Jerrie has a serger. So in a week or so I am going to go to her house. I want to make some burp clothes and breast feeding pads. And so on and so forth. I guess that is enough rambling from me. Have a blessed evening.

Good Tuesday Morning

I hope everyone finds Tuesday to be a great day for them. We had some storms during the night. My husband and boys slept right through them. I awoke at 2 am to thunder and lightening. Yesterday it was in the 60’s today our high is 46 and very windy. My poor dog didn’t even want to go out to used the bathroom.

I went for a check up yesterday and all is well with me and the baby. His heart beat was great and my blood pressure was excellent. I actually lost 4 pounds. I think it has to do with cutting out soda. I was drinking quite a few. Now I am only drinking water, milk, and OJ. Only 10 weeks left. The time has gone by fast. I can’t wait for him to be here. I am anxious to hold him and give him hugs and kisses. Every time I go to the doctor  Joshua asks me if I am bringing the baby home. He is anxious to play with him too.

I got some blocks done for some swaps yesterday. I also started on some churn dash blocks for another swap. They are red and cream. I am making 10. I got my new Quilter’s World magazine in the mail yesterday. It has some wonder quilts in it. Normally I find one or two that I want to make but there were at least 6 I want to make. I also have an idea to make a spring row robin quilt. I am trying to talk my husband into buying me EQ6. It would make things much easier when it comes to making up my own designs and layouts. He watched a tutorial about it with me last night. So now hopefully he now knows how helpful it will be and just how bad I want it.

I am hoping to work on my churn dash blocks today. I have some house work to do first. Keep on posting. Everyone is doing a great job. Remember to tell your friends to come over and post so that they might win this weeks fat quarter. Happy sewing.

Fat Quarter Friday – Blue Floral

Ok so I know it isn’t Friday. It’s Saturday. For some reason my brain was malfunctioning. It seems like the more pregnant I am the more forgetful I am. So to all you faithful bloggers I am sorry. Here is this weeks fat quarter. It is one on my favorite prints.


Happy commenting and sewing.

Hump Day

I haven’t had time to post sense Friday. I really haven’t had time to sew either. My oldest son was out of school on Monday and Tuesday. He had a friend spend the night. You would think that having two 13 year olds here that they would be able to keep an eye out for the 5 year old. No such luck. I was a ref for most of the time. Mom they won’t let me play too. Mom Josh won’t leave us alone. And so on and so forth. Last night I did get to sew a block once diner was over with. Then my 13 year old son reminded me he needed a book for school. So I had to go to books a million in hopes that they still had some of the books left. Luckily they had 3 left. I browsed around for a few minutes and found tons of books I would love to buy but didn’t. Gotta save up for baby things. The little bugger is down right expensive.

This morning I went over and picked up my four year old niece Emily. I called yesterday hoping if she was here maybe her and Joshua would play nice and I might be able to get some sewing done. My plan worked. They haven’t played together in a little over a week and were ready for each others company. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few tears over toys and TV shows. But for the most part they have been wonderful.

So here are some pictures of blocks I made today for some swaps I am in.







Bow Tie Top

Last week I got some red, white, and blue mini bow ties in the mail from a swap. There were enough 6 1/2 inch blocks to make 9 12 1/2 inch blocks. I whipped them together today. I thought about making more. Then thought hey this will be a cute wall hanging for one of my many bare walls. I still haven’t taken the time to hang up pictures. Woe is me. I have some red, white, and blue paisley material I think I will use for a border and call it finished.