Newest Arrival

I thought everyone would like to see the newest addition to our family. Andrew Carter Elam. He weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 22 inches long. He was born on 04/25/2008. My water broke around 1:30am Friday morning. It was a rough time. I had to have a c-section. He was having a hard time with the contractions. He is healthy and happy. He is a good baby. Not much fussing. His brothers are having a great time with him. It is an amazing experience. We are truly blessed.






Still No Change

Well I am still only dilated to 1 cm. Boo Hoo. I have to go back on Monday morning. If I haven’t had him by then he is going to induce me on Tuesday. So at least I only have one week to go. Monday is my MIL’s birthday. Maybe I will have him then.

Here is the nursing pillow I made.


More Pictures

My favorite bird is the cardinal. They are so vibrant and beautiful. I have been wanting to take a picture of one for a while. here is my first attempt.


Here are a couple pictures of Joshua from the park. I just love the action shots.



He loves to give a thumbs up when he does something cool. He learned how to whistle yesterday. He is just beside himself with glee. His cousin Emily can whistle and it drives him crazy that he can’t. Yesterday he was practicing and got it. Last night Tim came home with a band in a bucket kit. It has a harmonica in it. He was so happy daddy brought him home a harmonica. Tim was playing his the other night and for two days all we heard about was how he wanted one too.  He is pretty good at it. Needless to say the neighbors might not be so happy. He was out on the back deck this morning at 8 am playing it. I had to make him quit for a while. Don’t need angry neighbors. Hopefully they were all up already.

I have my weekly doctors appointment today. Only 2 weeks to go.  Hopefully he will have good news.

Tuesday’s Accomplishment

Today I got to use the new sewing machine. I sewed velcro and elastic into the clothe diapers Jerrie and I made. I cut everything out for 12 diapers and went to her house today. She serged them for me. What a wonderful friend she is. Hopefully 12 will be a good start to let me know how well they work before I make more. They are too cute. I also made a pattern using poster board for a breastfeeding pillow. I bought some material and it is washing now. A cute spiral print in turquoise. I will show that tomorrow.


Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. We Went to the park and took some pictures. It was so nice to get out of the house. We walked around for a while. I was hoping that the walk might bring on some good contractions. No such luck. Then Joshua played on the play ground for a while. Here is a picture of me my hubby took. Don’t I look grand. It looks like I am ready to topple over. Like the Umpa Lumpa on Willie Wonka. LOL.


This picture is of the boys playing with our girl, Lady. Sunday the boys and their dad spent the afternoon doing yard work. Here they are taking a break. I got lucky and got to sit on my fanny and watch all the hard work being done. The shade from the magnolia tree and breeze were wonderful.

Thank you to all the Well Wishers

I have gotten a lot of comments from some lovely ladies wishing me and the baby well. I greatly appreciate all your heart felt concern. It means the world to me. We are doing good. Friday I had contractions every 10 minutes for about 6 hours. When I went to bed they stopped. I was so disappointed. I thought for sure we were going to have him yesterday. I have had some more off and on but nothing to call the doctor over. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully he will tell me that I have dilated more.

Forgive me for not posting a picture of the fat quarter until today. It has been a long weekend. Yesterday we went to the park and walked around. It was a beautiful day. We took some pictures. I was hoping a good walk might get us going but no luck. The assistant preacher keeps telling me that the apple will drop from the tree when it is ready. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful weekend.

Oh yeah. I got a new sewing machine. Nothing fancy but it will do the trick. Maybe I will get to use it today. Happy sewing.

Batik Sale

Texas Quiltworks has about 10 different batiks on sale for under $4.00 a yard. Just click on the closeout sale link. I bought two yards. I just love batiks. I would of bought more but do I really need them, well no. One of them had pretty butterflies and I just couldn’t resist. I spent less than $10.00 for two yards. That included shipping.

No Change

My doctors appointment went well. I am only at 1 cm dilated. I was hoping for more. His heart beat was good and strong. I have to go back the same time next week. I am feeling a lot of pressure down low. I have had some contractions but nothing consistent. I started getting all my stuff together to pack my bag. Not much else to report as far as the baby goes.

Yesterday I cleaned out the sewing room. I was sharing it with the cats but they have been banned sense they knocked the sewing machine off of the table. I decided to go through some of my scraps. I was surprised how much I had shoved in three drawers. It took me two days but I sorted it by size. Of course there are bags more of scraps to go through but I will save that for another day.  It would probably take a week to sort them all out. I was excited that I had a lot of 2 inch strips. I wanted to make a scrappy log cabin with them.

Not much else to report. Just trying to take it easy. Tomorrow is the last day to leave a comment if you want to win the fat quarter from Friday. Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog.

Monday Morning…

I hope everyone is having a great morning. I got too sleep in. Tyler is on spring break this week so he got up with Joshua and they let me sleep. It was heavenly.

Saturday was good. We did some shopping and bought a new car seat and stroller for the baby.  The swing we wanted wasn’t in stock. I am going to order it today online. So all we have left to get is a crib. We have a bassinet that we are borrowing from a wonderful family at church.

Sunday brought me a tragedy. The cats sleep in the sewing room. Well they knocked my sewing machine off of the table and broke it. The only stitch I can get it to sew is the very tiny number 1 stitch. I just got this machine for Christmas. So the cats are now sleeping in the garage. My hubby and son moved a bunch of things around and made room for them. I just can’t share my sewing room with them anymore. Last month they broke the iron. So this puts any kind of quilting or finishing of quilts on hold indefinitely. I have three baby quilts that I need to finish. The tops are done. I am going to see if I can go over to Jerrie’s house and borrow her machine to finish these.

Wednesday I go to the doctor for a check up. I will be 37 weeks along. Not much longer to go. Last week I was dilated 1 cm and they estimated the baby weighs 7 lbs already. So I am hoping he won’t be more than 9 lbs when he decides to make his entrance into this world. I am feeling ok. Just tired of caring around this watermelon. LOL. I have to say that I am very happy with myself. I have taken very good care of myself with this baby. I haven’t gained more than 5 lbs and have been watching what I eat and drink. Which wasn’t they case with the other two boys. I was fortunate enough to stay home while pregnant and not have too much stress.

I guess that is enough babbling from me for now. Don’t forget to leave comments if you want to win this weeks fat quarter on Friday.