Deibert Park

Friday I took Joshua, Andrew, and their cousin Emily to the park. It was such a beautiful day. The wind was blowing and it wasn’t too hot. They got to play on the play ground.  We walked down to the pond to feed the fish and we found some geese. It was a beautiful sight to see. We don’t normally have ducks or geese at this park. We feed them some bread and crackers that I didn’t have the heart to waste. We had a great time.

This morning after I took Joshua to school, Andrew and I went to the same park for a walk. The big loop around the park is a mile and a quarter. It was such a wonderful morning. It was still cool. It isn’t often that I really take the time to appreciate my surroundings. It is hard with three boys and two who like to argue a lot. The birds were chirping. It was just one of those moments when you just want to pinch yourself. I had a “I am so grateful to be alive” thought. Thank you God.