5 Months Old

Andrew was 5 months old yesterday. I also discovered his first tooth is barely poking through. It is the bottom front on the right. The one right next to it is visible but not through yet. Poor little guy. He is a drooling fool.

Isn’t that the most adorable smile?

Quilts For Barbie

I made 4 quilts for Barbie today. My neice Emily’s birthday is Friday. She will be 5. I asked her if she wanted me to make her some quilts for her Barbies. She said yes of course. What little girl doesn’t want Barbie accessories.

So here they are, please don’t laugh. I practiced my free motion quilting on two. It isn’t great, but I am learning.

Okay are they really as bad as they seem. Oh me.

Butterfly Fabric Postcard

Look at this lovely goody I received in the mail. Isn’t it gorgeous? I just love butterflies. How lucky am I to receive this gem? Very. Many thank yous Vicki in AZ. I also have to say,”Thank you” to Brenda for hosting such a fabulous fabric postcard swap. I have made some wonderful friends through it. October will be here soon so if you would like to join us in our endeavors of fabric postcard craftiness please do. Go to Brenda’s site and say I sent ya.

Here is a picture of Andrew taking his nap. Right now. It is so peaceful all I hear is the clock ticking, the dog barking, and the keyboard clicking. LOL.

Have a blessed day and leave me a comment if you want to be enter in the fat quarter drawing. I will draw a name October the 3rd.

Josh Scored a Goal

Saturday was Joshua’s 2nd soccer game. It was rather cool and windy outside. It had rained the night before so the ground was wet too. Joshua scored the second goal for his team. It is so much fun to watch these adorable children chase a black and white ball around the feild. They don’t have the rules or techniques down yet. So they all swarm the ball at once. It is too cute.

Here is a picture of Andrew being silly. We were playing with a wet wash cloth.

Fabric Postcards, a Tote Bag, and Greeting Cards

I have been slacking in posting pictures of the fabric postcards I received this month. I received a wonderful hand embroidered one from Brenda. She doubts her skills but I think it is perfect. Much better than I would do.

She also sent me a tote bag she made. The pink fabric is one of my favorites. It will get a lot of use carrying my groceries.

Rhonda in TX sent me a fabric postcard with a hurricane Ike theme. Too cute. The boys love it.

I also got this lovely fabric postcard from Vee in WA.

I also got some 2 1/2 inch fabric strips from a swap I host on Swap-Bot. Aren’t the lovely colors?

Here is a card that my Gramma Geri made and sent to me. She is so creative.

Today while I was on the phone with a friend I made this greeting card. It is blank on the inside. I haven’t decided who I will send it to or if I will sell it on ETSY. The print is fabric ironed onto the card. I added the ribbon on the side and glued a button and it looked finished to me.

I know I have my hand into too many buckets. This is what having ADD does to you. You can’t stay satisfied for more than 15 minutes with doing one thing.

Crazy Quilt, Screaming child, and Kitties Oh My.

Well I can start by saying that my glasses broke yesterday. Thankfully my prescription isn’t too bad and I can see okay. Things aren’t exactly clear. But I can get by for a few days. We got a wonderful gift from a neighbor. Mike who lives down the street stopped Tim and asked him if we would like a basketball goal. He said that his kids are all grown up and it is just sitting there. He walks his dog by our house and thought the boys might like to have it. Tim went down there are they wheeled it home. It was such a generous thing to do.

The boys were so excited. They played last night. Tim played a game with Tyler. I had to take Joshua to open house at school. By the time we got home it was dark. He was asking first thing this morning to play when he gets home.

I join a swap where 5 people send you an ugly 6 inch square. You have to make a wall hanging using almost all of each square. So I added a few more and made a crazy quilt wallhanging with them. We have to post pictures and if someone likes yours the best they send you a F8. So hopefully I will get some in the mail. If not it was fun.

Here is a picture of my sewing partner. He wasn’t happy at all that I choose to let him scream and not hold him while I got a little sewing done. He is so spoiled rotten.

When I went outside to take a picture of the basketball goal the cats greeted me. Dash always walks right in front of you trying to stop you and make you pet him.

Dot is nick named Scaredy Cat. She always runs away when you try to get close to her.