A Card from Carol’s Mother

I received a letter int he mail yesterday from Carol Daughty’s mother. Carol passed away in April from Cancer. Rhonda, Vicki, Marie, and I made blocks for a quilt and mailed it to her family. Here is what the letter says.

Holly and Friends,

The beautiful quilt from you all arrived in excellent condition. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. Bo, Paul and I were moved to tears by your generosity. It will be a cherished item in the household.

Best wishes,

Polly and Paul Daughty (Carol’s parents)


We are slowly adjusting to life without our daughter. She was so full of ideas and enthusiasm.

I wanted to share this touching letter with you all. I hope and pray that their love will get them through this difficult time. God Bless. Holly

I Won!!!


What a great way to start the day. I won these 8″ fabric Sheers from Michele @ The Quilting Gallery. I am so excited. Thank you Michele for having the give away. And thank you to Simplicity for donating them.

She is having a give away this Friday too. A June Tailor Ruler. Who wouldn’t love a new ruler. I have left a comment have you? Here is a link to the give away. Friday Give Away

Our A/C is Fixed

The past 12 days have dragged on with no AC. A big thanks to Sonny and Jackie for letting us stay at their house while we were waiting to get it fixed. John came and fixed it this morning. What a blessing air conditioning is. With the heat index it has gotten up to 105 here this week.

We went to Lowe’s yesterday and bought 4 ceiling fans. One for each bedroom and one for the breakfast nook. Tim and Tyler put up the one in the breakfast nook a little while ago. They did a great job. It is so nice to be home again. I need to sew. I am having with drawls. LOL.

Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Challenge


Here is my finished mini quilt. I really hope my partner likes it. I mailed it Tuesday. It measure around 16 x 20. I used my rotary cutter to make the stems. So none of them are the same. that was fun. The grass I cut free hand with scissors. The only thing I used a template for was the flower. I think the background fabric is my favorite part. I wanted something with some movement in it. Not just a blender or a solid. Then I pulled colors out of it for the flowers.

Drip, Drip, Drip

That is the sound of the sweat rolling off my fore head on to the desk. Wednesday evening our AC unit quit working. One of the guys we go to church with checked it out yesterday. The compressor is shot. Now we need a new unit. Yikes. Any idea how much a unit costs to cool a 2200 square foot house? I won’t tell. It might give you a panic attack. The one we had wasn’t big enough. We had a 3 ton and we need a 4 ton. Whatever that means. 🙂 So hopefully by the end of next week we will have a new unit put in. We went and bought some fans and an evaporator fan. You put ice packs in the water and it blows out cold air. Pretty neat. We almost bought a window unit for the den but we won’t need it after we get the other one. So we just got fans. We can always use those.

Tim’s surgery time changed on Monday. We did have to be there at 5:30am. Now we have to be there at 9am. Which is A OK with me. The hospital is over an hour away. We would of had to leave at 4 am. I don’t like driving that far early in the morning. Tim can’t drive. Poor guy. I sure hope this surgery makes him feel normal again. He is in so much pain. Say a prayer for us.

Cobblestones Quilt


I got the new issue of Quilt Magazine yesterday. The is a quilt called Cobblestones. It is made with hexagons. And sewed together in strips. I really like this quilt but don’t want to sew hexagons together. I am a little lazy in that reguard.  So I was looking at it and thought I could break it down into squares. So I got my grid paper out drew up a scale of it. These are tweleve inches blocks using squares and HST’s. So this would be king sized. 100 inches squares. You could make it smaller. Which I think I will attempt a small one. Maybe using 2 1/2 inch sqaures and 2 7/8 HST’s.  Make a lap quilt or baby quilt.

WIP and the Apple Eating Boy

Here is a wall hanging I am working on for the Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap over at the Quilting Gallery.

I had to buy more thread to finish off a few things. Then I can sanwich it and quilt it.


I used my rotary cutter to make the stems and my scissors to make the grass. It is much prettier in person.I hope my partner will like it.

I gave Andrew a peel apple and just let him go at it. he did pretty good. I am always worried about him choking.