I haven’t been able to post much on here lately. I haven’t really sewn too much either. I made 2 fabric postcards yesterday for a swap. I took pictures. The card reader for the camera is definitely lost. Maybe some day it will materialize. I have to hook up the camera to the computer with a cord. Which hubby keeps safely tucked into his back pack that he takes with him everyday. I don’t blame him. Things gets lost around here. I have looked around the house for another cord and can’t find one. So that leaves me to posting at night when hubby is home. Usually I am too busy with the kids and house to think about it then. Maybe soon I will buy a new card reader or remember to post in the evenings. LOL. Have a great week.


I joined the Zibbet community recently. If you are an artist of hand made items then you need to know about Zibbet. It is very similiar to Etsy.

I opened a shop there (Fabricmom) to advertise the quilts I make. Right now I have up a listing for a crib sized memory quilt.

The community is for the people who have shops to communicate and share information. I came across these two articles about tagging. They are both full of very good information.

The Zibbet Tag Game

Tag! Your it.

Now of course it will probably be my luck that you have to be a member to read the articles.