Easter Shirt for Andrew

I stitched out this shirt for Andrew last night. They are having an Easter party tomorrow at preschool. I love the chocolate bunny with raggy ears and a tail. The brown fabric has letters on it. The bunny applique design is from Applique Alley.I also stitched out this cross for a mug rug. I love the pink and black color combo. I am thinking of making a mini log cabin block to go with it in pink and black.The cross was designed by Applique Momma.

Andrew the Astronaut

I put this applique and embroidery design together today using Embird. I am going to stitch it onto a shirt for Andrew. The astronaut applique design is from Applique Frenzy. The planet and stars are a free design from the net. The embroidery font is also from Applique Frenzy. It is called Giggles and Grins. Applique Frenzy was recommended on Facebook by Applique Alley. (Whom I LOVE by the way.) I have a ton of her designs. Seriously, too many.