11 thoughts on “Baby Quilts

  1. Great site glad I found you, your work inspires me, having too make some baby quilts. Children too great too.

  2. Hey holly, love your quilts. Enjoyed hanging with you and our table at the conference.

  3. Do you sell any of these quilts? I want to get a specific looking one for my daughter who is expecting, but I am not crafty. I like the CareBear one and would pay to get one. Are these just examples, or can the materials be purchased?

  4. Holly
    Can you tell me where to find the pattern for the Winnie-the-poo quilt under the ‘baby quilts’, I’ve spent 3 hours looking at quilt patterns mostly originating from your website! This can be addicting! Debi Sokol

  5. Where can I get the patterns for the blue block quilt and the pinwheel one with orange and green pictured on the baby quilts page, the second and fourth pictures? I’m a beginner and I want to make a baby quilt as my first project.
    Thanks, Mary

  6. would love to get the patten for CareBear my favorit niece is expecting and I want to make it special, her first!

    Thanks, connie

  7. Thanks for the ideas!! I’m making Project Linus quilts and found ideas to use here. Thanks for sharing your quilts.

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