Thirty One Expand-A-Tote Day Extender

Had to share a picture of the Expand-A-Tote Day Extender from Thirty One Gifts that I just embroidered for a friend. A few minutes of frustration while hooping, 10 minutes of stitching and watching, and Voila! 

Just a side note, Thirty One Gifts doesn’t embroider these bags. It is made of a water resistant lining and embroidering it compromises this.



Everything Applique Conference 2012

I am a complete newbie when it comes to using an embroidery machine. I haven’t attempted any applique with my Janome 350e. Why? I am nervous as can be and two I am completely lost when it comes to the process.

My good friend and coworker Rachel Powers from Seasons Embroidery & Gifts mentioned an applique conference was in the works and wanted to know if I would be interested in going with her. Well Yeah! It was a no brainer for me. Not only did I want to go I needed to go to learn more about the whole applique process using an embroidery machine. Rachel is an experienced pro when it comes to applique. She creates amazing products and works full time at Ken’s Sewing Center.

I have to tell you that the Everything Applique Conference was a huge success. It was yesterday in Birmingham, AL at the BJCC. What an outstanding experience. 750 people registered for the conference. The digitizers were very informative and great about sharing their knowledge. The Everything Applique Conference is the brain child of Kathy Garrett from Applique Corner. With the help from her husband Jefferey, the digitizers, and a lot of volunteers they pulled off an amazing event in just four months. FOUR months! There were a few hiccups but they were handled with grace and the conference went pretty smoothly.

This a picture of the ladies who made this conference happen. Karen Norman of Applique Market, Rosemary Gulledge of Applique Cafe, Emily Horn of Applique Alley, Rachel Pryor of Embroidery Boutique, Kathy Garrett of Applique Corner, Brandy Rolison of Applique Momma, Cristy Hageman of The Itch 2 Stitch, and Holly Clay of Applique Junkie.

Rachel and I sat with a fabulously talented group of ladies from all over the south. We were the table of gigglers and wise cracks. We had so much fun.

I am the third from the left in the first row and Rachel is the second from the left in the back row.

This is a picture of the conference room during the morning registration. Not quite everyone was in the room yet and there were a lot of people behind me. The break out seasons were great. There were four sessions on various topics. A ton of great questions were asked by the attendies. The vendors had great products for sale and for demonstration. Over all it was was a huge success. I can’t wait for next year.



Free Quilt Pattern for Beginners Using Scrap Fabric

I saw this and had to share it. It is a great free quilt pattern for beginners. Makes me want to get out my machine and sew. It is called Granny Square Quilt Block Tutorial by Jolene Klassen. You can also visit her blog (Blue Elephant Stitches) for the quilt pattern.


How to make a Casserole Carrier

I stumbled upon a new to me blog through Pinterest. It is called, “Sew Many Ways.” I have been hopping around her blog for the last two days checking out all the cool ideas she has shared about organizing, DIY projects, and DIY crafts. I came across a post for making a casserole carrier out of place mats and had to share it with my readers. I am tempted to make one out of fabric because I don’t have any place mats that I want to sew together. 🙂

She has instructions for a loaf pan carrier and for a rectangular dish too.

Here is the link to her post on how to make these cool casserole carriers.


Tutu’s, Hair Bows, Baby Quilts, and More!

I went to North Carolina the first week of February. Laura, (One of the 2 best friends I have known since 7th grade) had to have surgery. Where she lives she has no family to help her around the house so she could rest. She has two kids and I knew that she would do way more than she was supposed to. She had two baby quilts waiting for me to quilt while I was there. I forgot to get a picture of the first one. I’ll have to have her email one to me. This one I brought home with me and free motion quilted last week.

This picture was with the flash on. I quilted it with a simple loop pattern all over.

I also finished making a Kindle cover today for a friend at church. I asked her what color she said it didn’t matter as ling as it was girly. The inside is a pale pink with white polka dots.

I also sewed a tutu on to this size 3T tshirt.

I sewed a tutu on a onesie but I think I sewed it too high up. A girl from church is gonna try it on her toddler to see how far I need to come down with it.

This is a hair bow I made that is for sale on Etsy.

Tutu Shirts

I  made these tutu shirts this weekend. The first one is for my niece Emily. You wouldn’t believe how cheap the shirt was. I was looking at shirts on the clearance rack. The tag said $5.99. It rang up on sale for. $0.54. Cheaper than the thrift stores. I love a good deal. 

This tutu shirt I am going to list in My Etsy Shop once I finish it. I have a few more things I want to add to it and make a hair bow to go with it. That means going shopping. 🙂

Tutus for the Elementary School

Here are some pictures of the tutus I whipped up for my sister in law Mary. She is the PTO president for one of the 4 elementary schools here in Florence. My niece Emily was in the Christmas school play. The girls were sugar plum fairies. She needed a few more tutus but the cost of buying them was a lot more than she wanted to pay. She was on a tight budget and needed them fast. Hobby Lobby had the tulle on sale for 77 cents a yard. So of course I had to come to the rescue. I know they aren’t super full and bouncy. I think they were going for a more graceful tutu. I have a hard time saying NO.

Sewing Round Pot Holders with Brandy

Brandy brought Joshua home this morning and mentioned that she wanted me to show her how to make some pot holders when I had time. I told her to look through my stash and see if there was anything she liked. A few hours later, Voila! 8 roundish pot holders.

I showed her how to trace the trivet onto the material and batting. Then cut them out and how to layer them. Then she braved the sewing machine. She did a great job for someone who doesn’t own a machine or sew. (The color of the fabric is a little washed out from the sun. I thought it would be fun to take them outside on top of the mound of leaves I raked the other day.) The fabrics are fall colors. The flowers are highlighted with gold but you can’t see it in this picture.