Tshirt Quilt Prices

I decided to add a price list for memory quilts if anyone is interested in me making one for them.

Right now I am making a memory quilt for someone who ordered one from me on my Etsy store.

Memory Quilts: (Also know as T-shirt quilts)

Wall Hanging: $50 (4 squares of T-shirts)

Crib sized: $100 (48 5 inch squares from baby clothes)or (9 squares of T-shirts)

Lap Quilt or Throw: $150 (16 squares of T-shirts)

Twin Sized: $200 (20 squares of T-shirts)

Full Sized: $250 (25 squares of T-shirts)

Queen Sized: $300 (30 Squares of T-shirts)

Generally I can get a 10 to 13 inch square from a youth t-shirt and 13 to 15 inch square from an adult T-shirt.

Aproximate Quilt Sizes in Inches:

Baby quilt  42″ x 52″.
Crib quilt  45″ x 60″
Lap quilt  60″ x 72″.
Twin  63″ x 88″.
Full  78″ x 88″.
Queen  84″ x 92″
King  100″ x 92″.


This one is a full size memory quilt. I don’t like making them too much bigger than that. It has 30 T-shirts.

Tshirt QuiltThis one is also full sized.

Here are some where I used baby clothes to create quilts.


The flowers are made out of my cousins clothes. I appliqued them on the fabric squares.


The Sunbonnet Sue’s are made out of children’s clothing.


Some of the hearts on this quilt are made from little girls dresses.


This is the very first memory quilt I made. I made it for my mother in-law out of her grand-childrens clothing. It starts with the oldest and ends with the youngest.


Some of the stars on this quilt were also made out of clothing.



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